The following members are no longer active members, however we acknowledge their place in our history and thank them for their dedication and service:


Acker, CodyClark, DeannaLawrence, CraigReynolds, Alan
Alden, Howard   
Bartley, DaveClark, MitchellLeGrand, Will

Rice, Howard (past Chief)

   Rodgers, Allan
Bartley, George(past Chief)Clark, SteveLemire, MikeRogers, Sarah
Benoit, Donald Jr.Dalsimer, TomLongchamp, AnthonyRoss, Stuart
Berger, DaveDesilets, MauriceLongchamp, JosephRyan, James
 Dohlberg, ChrisLonge, BrianScorsome, Joe
Bergeron, DavidDion, TobyMack, JimScott, Howard
Bessette Jr., Fred J.Dotchin, RichMaloska, Peter(past Chief)

Shea, Colin

   Slater, Rob
Bissonette, MikeDouglas, BruceMarcoux, JohnSmail, Jeff
Blodgett, AlanDunlop, RichardMarino, MikeSt. Peter, Bruce (past Chief)
Bluhm, BillKoptiuch, KentMartin, JohnStoll, Kevin
  Medlar, Mike 
Bouchard, MichaelFordham, WayneMeier, LewisStomme, Eric
Boutin, Jason "Niner"Fox, JosephMetruck, PaulStone, Edward
Brooks, Mike

Gagne, Jess

Miller, JulieTagg, James
 Garrin, Scott  
Brugger, DarylGay, JohnMissal, JillTrudo, Ronald
Bushey, Charles

Gilmore, Jeromiah

Moore, BillTrueman, David
 Henry, Peter  
 Henry, Nick  
 Henry, George  
Butkus, Craig(past Chief)Holmes, RussellMyers, ToddTummons, Walt
Carroll, ScottHosking, RichardNewcity, KateVan Horn,Kristen
Campbell, Kevin "Zippy"Hunt, RobertNorton, GeorgeVeilleux, Chris
Carey, LindaKelley, RichNoyes, Phil Sr.(past Chief)Walker, Pete
 Kemerer, DouglasOsbourne, ScottWellnitz, Brian
Carnesale, MikeKendrew, DerrickParkes, DuncanWells, Pete
Carpenter, JamesKernan, PatPhillips, BradWilson, Hal
Carroll, TracyKnight, JerriPhillips, ChrisWilley, Tony
Charon, PaulLaDuke, PaulPhillips, StanWolcott, Jason
Cinnamond, RichardLaFountain, JasonPotter, TraceyYoung, Lawrence
 Gibney, LancePrentice, DeanLemire, Eric
Citro, BrianLaFountain, MarkReise, Thomas J.Nesto, Matt


The Essex Fire Department fondly remembers those who served our department and community in the past.  This page is dedicated to all those members who have given countless hours of service to the Essex Fire Department and who have aided in carrying on the traditions of volunteer firefighters everywhere.  They will never be forgotten and continue to lay permanently in the thoughts of future efforts of emergency services in the Town of Essex.  The names listed below represent those members of the Essex Fire Department who have dedicated their lives to making the communities we live in a better place.

  To those who have left us:


Stanton Barrows, Firefighter
Fred Bessette Sr., Assistant Chief
Howard Forsyth, Chief
Brian Gokey, Firefighter
Clayton Orton Jr., Firefighter
Kevin Ryan, Town Manager and Honorary Member
Larry St. Peter, Firefighter
George Norton, Firefighter
Bob Safford, Firefighter
Brian White, Lieutenant
Craig Lawrence, Firefighter
 Ferguson, Glenn, Firefighter
David Trueman, Captain
Dave Bartley, Captain
Thomas J Reese, Firefighter
Ronald Trudo, Captain
Bruce St Peter, Chief
Phil Noyes Sr, Chief
Michael Bouchard, Firefighter
Donald Benoit Jr., Firefighter
Richard Cimmanond, Assistant Chief 
Marvin "Buzz" Laplante, Firefighter 

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