The Essex Fire Department, located in Essex, Vermont, is a paid on-call department providing fire protection and emergency medical first response services.

If you think you have an emergency, big or small, please CALL 911 now! Do not call our station directly.

Our station is not usually staffed, thus you are more likely to reach our voicemail rather than speak with one of our members. If you're not reporting an emergency but have an urgent concern or question, please call the Essex Police dispatch line at 802-878-1331 for immediate assistance. They can dispatch us as necessary. Again it is always prudent to call 911 if you deem it necessary. 

Otherwise if you have non-emergent reason to contact us, such as inquiries about joining, arranging tours, fire safety questions, etc. please call 802-878-5308 or email Chief Cole at Also message us and follow us on Facebook!

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